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Non Return Valve (N.R.V) is the heart of Air Compressor

Non Return Valve (N.R.V) is the heart of Air Compressor

Non Return valve shuts the compressed air from returning back to Compressor block from Air Receiver.

It consists of the following parts:

. Housing Assembly
. Spindle
. Spring
. Washer
. Guiding nut

Housing Assembly is a chamber where spindle is guided by a Guiding nut in to and fro motion through spring and a washer acts as a cushion on a seat on Housing Assembly. This seats locks the washer and helps to stop the compressed air back to Compressor Block.

Each part of this N.R.V plays a vital role in running Air Compressor trouble free.

Housing Assembly: The Housing Assembly plays an important role to help the spindle work to and fro. It holds the thrust and allows the washer to be seated correctly on its seat.

As lot of heat is transferred from compressed air to N.R.V, the material of Housing assembly should be either of Brass, aluminium or Cast iron with coolant fins outside its body to absorv excess of heat transferred to it. Malfunctions may be wear and tear in its seat which returns the air to the block.

Spindle: It is a guide which runs to and fro inside the Housing Assembly. The function is to hold the washer tightly. Malfunctions may be the o.d size of the spindly reduces due to constant to and fro function resulting in dislocation of the washer.

Spring: To help the Spindle the spring acts as a motion and pushes the spindle. It is very important to use correct specification and hardness of spring. If the spring is soft it will break in heat, causing failure of the part. S.S superior quality is recommended.

Washer: It is a stop cock which prevents compressed air to return back. As there is excess heat in the chamber a nonstandard washer melts early causing N.R.V failure. Always use Viton material washer.

Guiding Nut: It helps to guide the spindle and firmly holds the assembly.

Malfunction of Air Compressor due to breakdown in N.R.V 

. Electric Motor can be burned of overload due to return pressure.
. Electric motor may take more amps due to poor quality of spring/N.R.V
. There may be the breakdown in Connecting Rod Assly due to overload on Compressor Block.
. There may be pressure leakages from the Pressure Switch discharge pipe.
. There may be pressure return from Air Filters.
. There may be no storage of Air left/Leakages of air from Air Receiver.
. Electric Motor will run more due to loss of air. 

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